Is it necessary to store a fur coat?

A real fur is different from all other types of clothing.
That is why you cannot store a fur coat like other clothes.
A fur coat is also too expensive to store like other clothes.

There are also some factors that can really damage a fur coat.
That's why this blog about how to store a fur coat.

It is necessary to store a fur at a cold temperature.

It is recommended to store furs at a temperature of 2 to 12 Celsius (35 to 50° Fahrenheit) with a humidity of about 45 to 55%
but if you do not have a professional storage, therefore these tips.

Choose a dark place to store your fur coat

Sunlight has a negative effect on fur. Frequent exposure to the sun is detrimental to the quality of the fur.
Therefore, it is better to store your fur coat at home in a dark place, keep it in a dark place.

Store your fur coat at a cold place

When a fur coat is exposed to heat, the leather and fur dries out, causing permanent damage to the fur.
The north side of a residential house is normally the coolest place in a house.
A cellar is normally also a cool space, but it should certainly not be damp. Read more about this further in this article.
The lower the temperature, the better the condition of your fur coat.
Remember that when summer arrives, you need to take the necessary precautions to keep your fur coat cool during these hottest months of the year.
Ideal is a temperature of 2 to 12 Celsius (35 to 50° Fahrenheit)

No damp storage

In addition to cold storage, a fur coat must also be stored dry.
Ideal is a humidity of about 45 to 55%
Do you know that moisture damages fur?
Sometimes a damp cellar is used as storage, which is unfortunately very bad for a fur coat.
When the air is too humid, the skin rots.
But when the air is too dry, the natural oils dry out.
Sometimes it may be possible to use a dehumidifier in an overly humid basement.

Do not use mothballs and cedar wood

Mothballs and cedar blocks can increase the humidity, which is harmful to the fur coat.
In addition, mothballs and cedar wood give off a strong and unmistakable scent that is absorbed by the fur coat.
This smell is very difficult to get out of a fur coat.

Choose a wide coat hanger

Choose a broad-shouldered hanger that is able to support the full weight of your fur coat, and this will not distort the jacket's shoulders.

Do not use a plastic bag

If you receive a plastic bag to transport your fur coat when you buy a fur coat, this is not a bag to store your coat.
A fur coat must be able to breathe, which is why it is better to use a cloth bag. You can make this spacious storage bag from, for example, cotton sheets.

Don't hang your fur coats too close together

Fur coats need space to breathe, and the hairs have to arrange themselves naturally. Otherwise, they will be distorted.
Therefore, choose a suitable space.

Hopefully our tips have helped you store your beautiful fur coat!

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